Puppetry for the Community

The Arts allow us to

  • Celebrate our similarities and differences in the multicultural society that we live in.
  • Explore our feelings and emotions across different stages of life.
  • Revist and deepen our understanding of our Asian culture and values that define us.

Since the beginning, Paper Monkey Theatre has brought puppetry around our little island of Singapore. We have been to schools, libraries, heartlands, festivals and more!


We have told stories to the young and old. Stories that reflect the issues that we face – sensitive topics such as bullying (Duckie Can’t Swim & The Three Big Bullies) to the importance of wildlife and nature conservation (Hug The Tree & The Wolf of Mr Dong Guo). These original plays have been well received locally, some, even internationally.

We pride ourselves for the entertainment value and realistic acting that  provide audiences a rich theatrical experience with life lessons learnt.

Here are the different community tours that you can select from or you can contact us to discuss further:


Besides stories, we believe in crafting experiences that allow participants to discover their creativity and artistic potential to the fullest, through puppet crafting and drama play. Through these creative expressions, participants can develop self-expression, self-esteem, self-confidence and a greater understanding of the self, the world, and their behavior.

Go Bananas with Paper Monkey Theatre!

Organisations can choose from a range of customisable programmes to meet their needs. Our workshop serves as either a singular enriching experience. In addition, we can also customise unique programmes suitable for your target audience.

We have a wide range of workshops for you to select from or you can contact us to customise one for your organisation.

For any private events or programmes, do drop us an email at admin@papermonkey.com.sg or call us at telephone number 64405706.

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