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My Cloud 2024

2024-04-03T16:03:51+08:00Main Season, Past Works|

Imagine if there was a cloud that could talk to you, taking you on a whimsical journey, freely uncovering the mysteries of the universe. What kind of cloud would you hope it to be? Join us for an extraordinary performance and let your imagination take flight.

Journey West: The Crimson Boy (2023)

2024-04-08T15:50:24+08:00Main Season, Past Works|

In this episode from the well-loved Chinese epic adventure, Journey to the West, Master Tang San Zang and his disciples encounter the White Bone Fiend in their travels. Intent on dining on Tang San Zang, the demoness tricks him into expelling Sun Wu Kong, the Monkey God from the group. Will she succeed or will Wu Kong save the day?

What’s inside the Red Box

2023-10-24T14:17:25+08:00Past Works|

What’s inside the Red Box This story is inspired by Singapore’s founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew and his Red Box which he used while he was in political office. It has become a symbol of his unwavering passion and dedication to Singapore.

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