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Community Tours

Educate. Challenge. Inspire.

We believe that the arts offer a unique way to engage with one another. It allows us to celebrate our similarities and differences in the multicultural society we live in; to explore our feelings and emotions across different stages of life; and to revisit and deepen our understanding of our Asian culture and values that define us.

Since our beginnings, we have been around the little island of Singapore performing in schools, libraries and shared spaces in the heartlands. Our on-tour performances introduce the art of theatre through curriculum-based pieces, which are relevant to current social issues, making them accessible and engaging. These original plays have been well received for its entertainment value and realistic acting, and have offered audiences both young and old a rich theatrical experience with life lessons learnt.

Do follow us our facebook page as we are always on the move around the little island. Come catch us at our performance if we are in your neighbourhood. Or scroll down and fill out the form to join our mailing list for updates.

The following lists some of our current and past on-tour performances. However, the sky is the limit, do contact us for projects we could explore together.

The Wolf of Mr Dong Guo

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Mr. Dong Guo is the latest adaptation of a Chinese classic by Paper Monkey Theatre, which strives to make children realise the limitations and consequences of being too nice in doing good. Students learn how to navigate around the perimeters of being kind in various situations – some intended actions may do more harm than good.

Tree Neighbours

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Tree Neighbours communicates the importance of understanding and setting aside each individual’s differences and to appreciate their strengths, and to live harmoniously as a diverse community.Tree Neighbours is a visual and sensory experience designed with catchy and infectious songs that the young and old will enjoy. Suitable for Total Defence Day & National Day.

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