Go Bananas with Puppetry

Primary and Secondary*

School or Online streaming

Up to 12 Sessions

Customised to requirements

English or Mandarin

40 Students per class

Venue and Technical Requirement –
Physical Class:
A classroom or studio, two tables, one chair

Online Class:
To prepare the necessary online preparations before the start of classes.

~ The workshop’s duration and content can be customised to cater to individual school needs.

~ Teachers can also engage this workshop for their CCA.

* The workshop’s difficulty will be tailored to the level of students.

Customised to requirements (Tote Board Arts Grant is applicable)

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As far as a few thousand years ago, puppetry can be found in various parts of the Continent, each of different culture, story and heritage.

From rituals to entertainment, puppetry comes in various forms, some examples being shadow, metal rod, glove, string, object, etc. Through a mix of presentation and interaction, students will get a taste in both theory and practice in this artform.

Depending on the workshop duration, teachers may also opt to include other additional activities such as the opportunity for students to manipulate puppets while acting out excerpts from scripts!

In this talk, students will…

  • Learn about the various types of puppets such as hand, rod, string and shadow.
  • Learn puppet manipulation techniques.
  • Develop an appreciation and understanding for puppetry.
Three pig puppets and one girl puppet in go Bananas workshop

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