Go Bananas with Puppetry

Primary and Secondary*


2 – 8 sessions

2 hours/session

English or Mandarin

15 – 40 students

Venue and Technical Requirement:
A classroom or studio with 2 tables and 1 chair

~ The workshop’s duration and content can be customised to cater to individual school needs.

~ Teachers can also engage this workshop for their CCA.

* The workshop’s difficulty will be tailored to the level of students.

Customised to requirements (Tote Board Arts Grant is applicable)

As far as a few thousand years ago, the art of puppetry has been present in various parts of Asia, each telling their own unique story and representing a distinct culture and heritage.

From rituals to entertainment, puppetry comes in various forms — shadow, metal rod, glove, string, object, etc. Through presentations, students will learn to use elements of drama to perform basic manipulation of puppets and to get a taste of both the theoretical and practical.

Teachers may also opt to include additional activities, such as having students manipulate puppets while presenting excerpts from scripts, or additional sessions catered towards puppet-making!

In this talk, students will:

  • Be exposed to various forms of puppetry such as hand, rod, string, and shadow puppets.
  • Develop an appreciation and an understanding of traditional and contemporary forms of puppetry.
  • Work on their confidence when making presentations with puppets.
  • Learn how to manipulate and breathe life into puppets.
Three pig puppets and one girl puppet in go Bananas workshop

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