School / Community Show : Journey West – Web of Deceit

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Endorsed by the National Arts Council Arts Education Programme (NAC-AEP) and is eligible for the Tote Board Arts Grant subsidy

Suitable for children aged 5 and above

Primary & Secondary

Online Streaming



English and Mandarin

English or Mandarin (only for Online Streaming)

Tote Board Arts Grant is applicable for schools


Web of Deceit is a fascinating tale from Journey to the West, where the monk Master Tang San Zang, Sun Wu Kong the Monkey King and Piggy go on an exhilarating adventure.

On their journey, the Monkey King, Master Tang and his fellow disciples run into the crafty Spider Demon. Spinning her web, the Spider Demon traps Master Tang and Piggy! Will Sun Wu Kong be able to come up with an ingenious plan and save his master and Piggy?

Puppets: Teochew Metal Rod Puppetry

  • Student audience having their hands on the puppets
  • The White Bone Fiend disguised as young lady meeting Master Tang
  • Actors teaching student audience how to manipulate hand puppets
  • Actors in characters and a child audience with hand puppet
  • The White Bone Fiend Fighting

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