Go Bananas with Speech and Drama

Primary and Secondary*


2 to 12 Sessions

1 hour to 1.5 hours

English or Mandarin

Venue and Technical Requirement:
Based on workshop needs

~ The workshop’s duration and content can be customised to cater to individual school’s needs.

* The workshop’s difficulty will be tailored to the students’ ability level.

Customised to requirements (Tote Board Arts Grant is applicable)

Customised to requirements (Tote Board Arts Grant is applicable)

This workshop aims to provide a platform for students to creatively express themselves through speech and drama. Paper Monkey Theatre can seamlessly weave the artform into the school’s syllabus and bring a fresh and exciting perspective to the language modules. Schools can now utilize various mediums such as scriptwriting, movement, acting, music and presentation training to provide a holistic approach in lessons.

In this workshop, students will

  • Write and stage a simple presentation that they have created themselves.
  • Grow their confidence, creativity, and psycho-motor skills.
  • Develop their self-expression skills through body and verbal language.
  • Build empathy, teamwork and leadership skills through creative challenges.
A student holding a cat hand puppet facing a female puppet

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