Friends of Paper Monkey Theatre

Paper Monkey Theatre have been a collaborator and connector to many puppetry companies and puppeteers throughout the years. We would like to celebrate our forged relationships with our friends and share their love for puppetry with the world!

Amelia Tan, Malaysia

Amelia participated in NSA 2017, performing Wayang the Tapir by ACX productions! She also participated in the digital version of the festival in 2021, performing Gloves, together with fellow artists Chang Wei Loy, and Giant Liang.

About the Performer:

Amelia Tan is the Artistic Director of ACX Productions. As a full-time theatre practitioner, drama and dance instructor, Amelia graduated from the Malaysia Institute of Art, Intercultural Theater Institute (ITI) in Singapore, Shanghai Normal University and University Malaya Master in Dance. Her personal expertise includes lighting design, stage makeup, actor training, physical training, voice training and acting.

In the ADA Drama Awards, she won the

• “Best Stage Practitioner” in 2001 and 2003

• “Best Supporting Actress” in 2010 and 2018

• “Best Actress” and “Best Lighting Design” in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018, as well as

• “Best Lighting Design” in Boh Cameronian Arts Awards 2014 and 2020.

Amelia has represented Malaysia to perform in Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Macau, Shanghai, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand . She was involved in popular productions like Richard III, The Ring of The Nibelung, Kaleidoscope, My Husband’s Wedding, Fiery Family, Three Children, A Modern Woman call Ang Tau Mui Heaven and Earth, Lost and The Ecliptic, DoDo is Missing, Big Head & Potato Head, Dear Elena Sergeevana, Paper Crane, Story Teller… because you are women etc.

She also involved in directing like The Son, The Glass Menagerie, Aku Cinta XXX, Mystery of the Phoenix, Nana and Ah Lu, Just Kidding, The Tapir, Aku Cinta Jarak1 Meter, Hoong Siamang Hooong, The Daughter of The Regiment, Madame Butterfly, Magic Flute.

Rolling Puppet Alternative Theatre, Macau

Rolling Puppet Alternative Theatre presented News about Xiao An in No Strings Attached 2017. Find out more about the production here!


Being the 1st Chinese professional Puppet and Alternative Theatre group in Macao, ROLLING PUPPET strives to promote the art form of Puppetry and Alternative Theatre through theatre performances, art education, publishing and other medias. By cooperating and bridging artists and organisations from different fields, they explore different possibilities in creativity. They work as a platform for Macao Puppetry Arts, and provide channels for Puppet Lovers to get connected to the world.

Xue Mei Hua 薛美华, Taiwan

Mei Hua participated in No Strings Attached 2019, presenting Planting Beans (植豆), a ministage concept inspired by the miniature curio cabinet, utilising old stuff, plants, light and shadow.

About the performer:

Xue Mei Hua is the founder for Bringing Puppets to your home, a project that brings puppetry as an art form into families, allowing them to appreciate puppetry up close. She is also a host in Chinese Television System (CTS), Taiwan for children’s programmes, and currently a lecturer in University of Taipei, teaching Puppetry for children.

Throughout her career, she has performed in various festivals such as Talange Arts Festival in France, Savana Puppet Festival in the United States, New Delhi International Puppet Festival in India, Vic Hua Hin festival in Thailand, and Izmir Puppet Festival in Turkey. She has also learned traditional art forms like Wayang Kulit and Wayang Golek from STSI in Indonesia.