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Go Bananas Workshop

Go Bananas with Paper Monkey Theatre!

With a range of customisable programmes to choose from, schools are guaranteed to find a programme that caters to their needs. Our workshops can also serve as a singular enriching experience or as a complement to school curriculum or CCAs.

We have a wide range of workshops for you to select from or you can contact us to customise one for your students.

Many of our programmes are eligible for the NAC-AEP Tote Board Arts Grant scheme.

Download our Education and Outreach Brochure for more information about our current offerings!

Contact Us to discuss further.

Advance Students’ Skill Sets Though Drama

Paper Monkey Theatre has been advocating the use of drama, especially puppetry, to advance the students’ skill sets. Through our performances and workshops, students can

  • Improve their communication skills
  • Enhance their expressive language and psychomotor skills
  • Hone their analytical thinking and creativity,
  • while having fun at the same time.

Experienced Team

With an experienced team of instructors, Paper Monkey Theatre will work together with the schools to help achieve these goals. Teachers will also have the option to consult the organisation on theatre-related matters such as set, prop and costume design.

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