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School Shows

Learn Through Story Telling

Through the telling of Asian classics, fables and idioms, students will learn about diverse Asian cultures and traditions, as well as essential values and morals that are integral to the building of a student’s character.

Advance Students’ Skill Sets Though Drama

Paper Monkey Theatre has been advocating the use of drama, especially puppetry, to advance the students’ skill sets. Through our performances and workshops, students can

  • Improve their communication skills
  • Enhance their expressive language and psychomotor skills
  • Hone their analytical thinking and creativity,
  • while having fun at the same time.

Experienced Team

With an experienced team of instructors, Paper Monkey Theatre will work together with the schools to help achieve these goals. Teachers will also have the option to consult the organisation on theatre-related matters such as set, prop and costume design.

Many of our programmes are eligible for the NAC-AEP Tote Board Arts Grant scheme.

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Different Educational Themes

Find out more about the school shows with different educational themes:

The Wolf of Mr Dong Guo

Community Tours, School Shows|

Mr. Dong Guo is the latest adaptation of a Chinese classic by Paper Monkey Theatre, which strives to make children realise the limitations and consequences of being too nice in doing good. Students learn how to navigate around the perimeters of being kind in various situations – some intended actions may do more harm than good.

Duckie Can’t Swim

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In Duckie Can't Swim, children learn the importance of looking beyond the shortcomings of others and understanding and appreciating their strengths instead. Suitable for International Friendship, Racial Harmony & Children’s Day.

Tree Neighbours

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Tree Neighbours communicates the importance of understanding and setting aside each individual’s differences and to appreciate their strengths, and to live harmoniously as a diverse community.Tree Neighbours is a visual and sensory experience designed with catchy and infectious songs that the young and old will enjoy. Suitable for Total Defence Day & National Day.

Hug The Tree

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Suitable for Earth Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day & Children’s Day, students will broaden their understanding and knowledge about environment conservation, protection and being responsible to Mother Earth in Hug The Tree.

Past School Show : Dragon Dance

Past Works, School Shows|

Dragon Dance is a lively retelling of the folktale behind the origin of Chinese dragon dance. Presented with puppetry, drama, dance and music Dragon Dance is a highly interactive play where the children will have a chance to be a part of the play and be mesmerised by the specially hand-crafted puppets by Paper Monkey. Dragon Dance promises to enthrall the young and old as they learn more about the Chinese culture and legends.

Past School Show : My Ah Gong

Past Works, School Shows|

My Ah Gong is a poignant theatrical piece that focuses on lives of people during war and the sufferings it brings. The realistic acting and solemn messages evoke strong feelings in students and motivate them to reflect on the peace and prosperity Singapore is enjoying, something that should not be taken for granted.

Past School Show : The Three Bullies

Past Works, School Shows|

One day, three big bullies came upon the village. There was a ferocious tiger lurking in the hills, a vicious dragon raging havoc in the seas, but the third bully was the strongest of them all. The tyrant Zhou Chu boasted to the village that he will overcome the crisis. Will he be able to defeat the three bullies and become a hero? With the intriguing use of beautifully designed and custom-made puppets and props, audience can expect a theatrical treat.

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