Go Bananas with Puppet Making

Primary and Secondary*

School or Online streaming**

Up to 12 Sessions

Customised to requirements^

English or Mandarin

Venue and Technical Requirement –
Physical Class:
A classroom or studio with tables and chairs, projector

Online Class:
To prepare the necessary online requirements and puppet pack before the start of class.

~ The workshop’s duration and content can be customised to cater to individual school needs.

* The workshop’s difficulty will be tailored to the level of students.

** Puppet packs will be provided for online classes

^ Depending on the type of puppets, workshop varies accordingly

Varies on needs (Tote Board Arts Grant is applicable)

Contact Us
Contact Us if you require more information.

Bring puppetry right to your students’ fingertips! From designing and manipulating traditional hand puppets to learning the science behind puppets of various forms, turn your classroom into an art making space where culture and stories come to live.

In this workshop, students will…

  • Build their own puppet.

  • Learn puppet manipulation techniques.

  • Enhance their creativity and imagination through designing and crafting their own puppets.

  • Develop their communication and teamwork skills.
  • Explore their resourcefulness and imagination to seek everyday objects and recycled materials to craft their puppets.
A little girl learning how to make puppets

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