Go Bananas with Puppet Making

Primary and Secondary*


Up to 12 Sessions


English or Mandarin

15 – 40 students

Venue and Technical Requirement:
A classroom or studio with tables and chairs, a projector

~ The workshop’s duration and content can be customised to cater to individual school needs.

* The workshop’s difficulty will be tailored to the level of students.

^ Depending on the type of puppets, workshop varies accordingly

Varies on needs (Tote Board Arts Grant is applicable)

Want puppet-making to be right at your fingertips? From designing and manipulating traditional hand puppets to learning the science behind puppets of various forms, turn your classroom into an art-making space where culture and stories come to life.

In this workshop, students will:

  • Enhance their creativity and imagination through designing and crafting their own puppets.
  • Explore resourcefulness and imagination in seeking everyday objects and recycled materials to craft their puppets.
  • Learn puppet manipulation techniques.
  • Develop their skills in communication and in working as a team.
A little girl learning how to make puppets

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