International Puppetry Festival2022-05-06T17:45:20+08:00

International Puppetry Festival

A mini puppetry festival from around the world!

No Strings Attached is an annual mini festival organised by the Paper Monkey Theatre. The festival gathers reputable puppetry groups and artists from across the world. We have had the honour to host groups from countries such as Australia, Italy, Taiwan and Thailand.

This festival aims to promote puppetry to the Singapore audiences by providing a platform for them to experience various forms of puppetry. The international and regional groups perform in mime or in English, and this makes it accessible for audiences to enjoy and understand puppetry as an artform. The Paper Monkey Theatre hopes to encourage interest and deepen the appreciation of the craft of puppetry through this exposure.

Please email us if you are interested to participate in our No Strings Attached 2022.

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