Home Boxes

In Collaboration with Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay
as part of The Studios

Written & Directed by:
Benjamin Ho

8 – 10 April 2010

Esplanade Theatre Studio

Renee Chua, Edith Podesta, Pat Toh, Serena Pang, Rei Poh, Zachary Ho

Paper Monkey Home Boxes Poster


Boxes, a medium we use to pack our things and stack them away… with it our memories and unsettled feelings. Putting it all aside, we move on – out of sight, out of mind. Then one day, we chance upon these boxes. The memories and emotions, that were carefully tucked away, surface uncontrollably. Carefully but with hesitance, we go through the cherished items kept within.

Through the voices of six actors, a collection of three stories will be shared as the boxes unfold stories of dreams that had been long forgotten, quarrels that were unsettled, hopes that were dashed and love that was shattered. Home Boxes is a unique production set in the 1950s till present. As the show transcends through time, three stories are told – a father’s unspoken love for his daughter, a mother’s unselfish love for her daughter and a man’s unexpressed love for a woman.

This performance features puppetry, song, movement, drama and culinary as one complete experience while we take on a close-to-heart journey about the fragility of relationships with loved ones and feeling for these stories.

Performed in English

  • Three actresses with hands up in Home Boxes by Paper Monkey Theatre
  • An actress with An actress with head on the chest of an actorhead on the chest of an actorjpeg
  • Actors on stage dancing on stage in Home Boxes by Paper Monkey Theatre
  • A seated caucasian actress looking at a male actor
  • A Male actor holding the hand of an actress on his chest
  • An actress holding to an old phone
  • An actress holding feather duster pointing to an actress crouching down
  • Two actors on stage holding puppet dolls
  • Actors on stage in action
  • two actors sitting down with an actress with head down behind them
  • Two actresses fighting with a female child puppet at the back
  • An actress holding to the back of a chair
  • Two actresses on foreground holding a tingkat and two actors at the back watching
  • A male actor holding a walking stick in Home Boxes
  • An old man with walking stick back facing the seated actresses who are looking shocked in Home Boxes
  • An actor and actress in cooking scene in Home Boxes
  • Three actors in different poses in Home Boxes
  • A seated actress washing clothes in a basin with another actress standing beside her in Home Boxes
  • Two naked doll puppets on foreground and background a couple in Home Boxes
  • A seated man holding the hand of a female in Home Boxes
  • An actress on foreground with two actors holding puppets in Home Boxes
  • Close up of a seated person holding a soft toy and another soft toy on the floor in Home Boxes
  • Two actresses holding traditional Chinese dance fans in Home Boxes
  • Two chairs on foreground and shadow puppet projected on background in Home Boxes
  • An expressive actress on foreground and shadow puppets on background in Home Boxes
  • Two actresses talking in Home Boxes
  • An actor holding the shoulder of an actress in Home Boxes
  • Two actors on stage in Home Boxes
  • An actress listening to the radio on a rocking chair in Home Boxes
  • Home Boxes projected on stage
  • Actors on stage with video projected in the background in Home Boxes
  • Actors posing for in Home Boxes by Paper Monkey
  • Three actresses laughing in a park in Home Boxes
  • Actors smiling in Home Boxes

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