Little Miss Boleh –
A theatrical treat with puppets!

Written by:
Wah Wah

Directed by:
Wah Wah

28 – 31 March 2018

Goodman Arts Centre, Black Box

60 minutes, with no intermission
2pm & 5pm

Trey Ho, Renee Chua, Vanessa Toh, Regina Foo, Jasmine Xie

Performed in Mandarin with English Subtitles

Photo by Kevin Seow

Supported by:


Little Miss Boleh lives with her parents in a city filled with skyscrapers. One day, when Little Miss Boleh was alone at home, a Little Cow barged into her home! Realising that the Little Cow was lost, Little Miss Boleh made a decision to bring it back to the farm. On the way, they faced many obstacles. Will Little Miss Boleh succeed in helping Little Cow find its way home?

Photos by

Chris Pics

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