My Cloud 2024

My-Cloud-云儿朵朵-A boy in red hat leaded holding onto a string attached to a white cloud. The white cloud is leading the boy through puddles of water

Date & Time:
2 March 2024, Saturday – 11am, 1pm & 3pm

3 March 2024, Sunday – 11am & 1pm

Duration of show:
Approximately 45 minutes

Stamford Arts Centre
Waterloo Street, #155, Singapore 187962

Ticket Price:
$25 (Free Seating)

Mandarin Performance

Rating/Age Limit:
– Admission is subject to tickets produced at the entrance.
– Infants in arms or children below the age of 4 shall not be admitted.
– Children aged 4 years and above must purchase ticket for admission.

Written & Directed
Benjamin Ho

Music Director
Alex Oh

Music Composer
Gareth Wong

Lighting Designer
Alberta Wileo

Auderia Tan


A young child, holding a cloud connected by a rope, summoned courage and embarked on a journey of bravery and self-discovery. This cloud, serving as a speaking companion, guided the child through an adventurous expedition. Similar to cloud computing, this cloud is knowledgeable, versatile, and possesses abundant resources.

MY CLOUD is highly suitable for primary 3 and below children. The plot is filled with fun, vibrancy, and imagination, with strong interactive elements.

Paper Monkey Theatre has crafted a free and creative world for the tender minds of young children in MY CLOUD.

Supported by

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