My Cloud 2024

My-Cloud-云儿朵朵-A boy in red hat leaded holding onto a string attached to a white cloud. The white cloud is leading the boy through puddles of water

Date & Time:
2 March 2024, Saturday – 11am, 1pm & 3pm

3 March 2024, Sunday – 11am & 1pm

Duration of show:
Approximately 45 minutes

Stamford Arts Centre
Waterloo Street, #155, Singapore 187962

Ticket Price:
$25 (Free Seating)

Mandarin Performance

Director/ Scriptwriter/ Lyricist/ Set Designer
Benjamin Ho

Auderia Tan

Giovanni Harris
Auderia Tan
Shyann Ong

Stage Manager
Giovanni Harris

Assistant Stage Manager
Gooi Ci Xian (Xena)

Shyann Ong

Stage Crew
Yap Huan Yi

Lighting Designer
Alberta Wileo

Lighting Operator
Pang Liu Ying  (Susannah)

Music Composer
White Noise Music

Nurfatini Dayana

Joshua Pwee

Createurs Productions


A young child, holding a cloud connected by a rope, summoned courage and embarked on a journey of bravery and self-discovery. This cloud, serving as a speaking companion, guided the child through an adventurous expedition. Similar to cloud computing, this cloud is knowledgeable, versatile, and possesses abundant resources.

MY CLOUD is highly suitable for primary 3 and below children. The plot is filled with fun, vibrancy, and imagination, with strong interactive elements.

Paper Monkey Theatre has crafted a free and creative world for the tender minds of young children in MY CLOUD.

Supported by

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