Duckie Can’t Swim (2021)

Written by:
Benjamin Ho

Directed by:
Benjamin Ho

Assistant Director:
Regina Foo

Benjamin Ho & Liong Kit Yeng

Music Arrangement:

Set and Props Designer:
Regina Foo & Auderia Tan

Lighting Designer:
Albert Wileo

Sound System Designer/Operator:
Pirah Shah Bin Jasman

Graphic Designer:
Yong Wen Yeu

17th – 31th December 2021

Sistic Live, Video on Demand

30 minutes

Auderia Tan, Benjamin Lye, Mabel Yeo, Regina Foo

Mandarin with English Subtitles

Supported by

Promote Mandarin Council
National Arts Council Logo


It is the first day of school, Duckie is very excited to make new friends, learn new things and discover the amazing world that we live in. But, Duckie finds out that ducks are supposed to quack and swim, and it can do neither! The animals find it so odd that they start to tease and chant, “Little Duck-Chicken!” Duckie does not like it and feels ostracised. It struggles to keep up and yearns to be a duck that quacks and swims, not a misfit. Will Duckie find the courage to accept who it is? Will the farm animals learn to accept it?

Photos by

Chris Pics

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