No Strings Attached 2017

All shows are recommended for age 4 and above.

Minimum age for entry – 3 years old.

There will be a post show dialogue with the artists after every performance.

No Camera & Recording devices permitted.

Any enquiries, please contact or 6440 5706.

Alternatively the Global Tickets customer service hotline can be reached at +65 3152 9333 or

No Strings Attached 2017

A puppetry festival with friends from around the world!

In the second year of running, the festival will feature many puppetry artists from across Asia. Join us for a fun-filled weekend of performance and exchange with puppets!

Programme Lineup

Wayang The Tapir
by ACX Productions (Malaysia)

Tapir grew up in a joyful and blissful jungle. One day, he heard a weird sound. The trees around his home were being chopped off, and his world started to change… Save Tapir, save our planet!

Date and Time: Nov 4 & 5, 1.30pm – 1.55pm
Venue: #01-05, Goodman Arts Centre, Block B
Price: $12 (excluding ticketing fee)

The Musical Twin Pigs
by Ting a Tong Theatre (Thailand)

A pair of musical twin pigs plays music by the canal every day. One day, one of their musical instruments went missing, and the twin pigs decided to go and look for it. After facing several challenges, their moods start to waver. Will they be able to get their missing instrument back?

Date and Time: Nov 4 & 5, 2pm – 2.45pm
Venue: #03-11, Goodman Arts Centre, Block B
Price: $18 (excluding ticketing fee)

News about Xiao An
by ROLLING PUPPET Alternative Theatre (Macau)

Xiao An is left alone when his grandfather passed away. Having bought a television set to keep him company, he finds out that for one reason or another, everybody else in the village is on the news. When Xiao An decides that, for once, he too should be on the headlines, strange things begin to happen in the magical village…
(Performed in Mandarin with English surtitles)

Date and Time: Nov 4 & 5, 3pm – 4pm
Venue: #01-03, Goodman Arts Centre, Block B
Price: $18 (excluding ticketing fee)

Doggy and MeowMeow
by Paper Monkey Theatre (Singapore)

Doggy and MeowMeow live happily under a tree. One day, humans came and start taking over. They block the tree with fences and separate Doggy and MeowMeow. After some time, Doggy and MeowMeow managed to find their way back, but their home has changed. Will Doggy and MeowMeow still be able to live as carefree and happy as before?

Date and Time: Nov 4 & 5, 4.30pm – 5pm
Venue: #01-05, Goodman Arts Centre, Block B
Price: $12 (excluding ticketing fee)

Special shows for Schools!

Date: 3 Nov 2017, Friday

The Musical Twin Pigs + Wayang The Tapir + Doggy and MeowMeow – $28* (excluding ticketing fee)

Time: 9am – 10.30am or 11am – 12.30pm

*1 complimentary bundle given for every 20 bundles purchased.

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