Journey West – Mount Fiery (2024)

Paper Monkey Theatre_Journey_West_Mt_Fiery_西游之火焰山_2024

30 August – 1 September 2024

SCCC Far East Organization Auditorium, Level 9

Mandarin Performance (with English Subtitles)

Director / Set Designer
Benjamin Ho

Ong Seow Chiang Vincent

Puppet Designer / Puppet Maker
Hsu Chien-Jhang (Taiwan)

Music Composer & Music Arranger
White Noise Music
Flame of the Forest

Lighting Designer
Alberta Wileo

Speech Trainer
Yong Ser Pin

Zhao Xiaoqing (Daisy)
Lim Ci Xuan
Mabel Yeo
Jasmine Xie Hui Lin
Xie Shangbin

Flame of the Forest

Nurfatini Dayana

Graphic Designer
Five Fingers

Createurs Productions


In order to extinguish the flames and allow Tang Sanzang, the White Dragon Horse, Sha Wujing, and Zhu Bajie to cross the mountain smoothly, Sun Wukong borrowed the Banana Leaf Fan from Iron Fan Princess, the mother of the Crimson Boy. However, due to her resentment over the incident with her son, Iron Fan Princess created numerous obstacles and even expelled Sun Wukong tens of thousands of miles away using her Banana Leaf Fan. In a moment of inspiration, Sun Wukong transformed into a fly and entered Iron Fan Princess’ belly to retrieve the fan. After several rounds of wit and courage, Iron Fan Princess was finally defeated and turned to her husband, the Bull Demon King, for help.

Upon learning that his beloved wife had been mistreated by his sworn brother, the Bull Demon King confronted Sun Wukong, leading to a fierce confrontation between the two. At this moment, the Supreme Elderly Lord descended from the heaven to resolve the dispute. Sun Wukong successfully obtained the Banana Leaf Fan and extinguished the flames of the Mount Fiery. With this obstacle overcome, Tang Sanzang and his disciples continued their journey to the West.

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