The Journey West: White Bone Fiend

An Esplanade Presents Programme as part of the Huayi Chinese Festival of Arts 2009

Written & Directed by:
Benjamin Ho

3 – 4 February 2009

Esplanade Recital Studio

Koh Wan Ching, Trey Ho, Sia Ee Mien, Rei Poh, Serena Pang, Renee Chua

12 – 14 November 2010

Drama Centre Black Box

Koh Wan Ching, Liew Li Ting, Sia Ee Mien, Renee Chua, Serena Pang, Darren Guo

The Journey West - White Bone Fiend by Paper Monkey Theatre


In this episode from the well-loved Chinese epic adventure, Journey to the West, Master Tang San Zang and his disciples encounter the White Bone Fiend in their travels. Intent on dining on Tang San Zang, the demoness tricks him into expelling Sun Wu Kong, the Monkey God from the group. Will she succeed or will Wu Kong save the day?

Be delighted with this lively parable about trust. Friendship and compassion come alive with traditional hand puppets, rod puppets, shadow puppets and human actors in the hands of puppet ensemble, Paper Monkey. Young audiences take part in the battle between good and evil by assisting to determine the fate of the demoness in this classic tale with a twist!

Performed in Mandarin with no English Subtitles

  • The Journey West White Bone Fiend Programme
  • White Bone Fiend points her finger
  • White Bone Fiend beside two hand puppets
  • Shadow puppets showing on stage
  • Monkey King Wu Kong bowing down to Master Tang San Zang riding a horse
  • Puppet of Master Tang San Zang with hand puppet pigsy Bajie and Monkey King actor at the back
  • Monkey King Su Wu Kong looking at the young maiden disguised by The White Bone Fiend
  • Old lady puppet lying down in foreground and Monkey King with Master and Pigsy at the back
  • Monkey King pointing at the old lady disguised by the White Bone Fiend
  • Monkey King Sun Wu Kong holding a fishing rod
  • The White Bone Fiend and Master Tang San Zang and his disciples
  • The White Bone Fiend smiling at Master Tang and Pigsy
  • Monkey King and Sun Wu Kong hand puppet
  • The White Bone Fiend Fighting
  • Actors in characters and a child audience with hand puppet
  • Actors teaching student audience how to manipulate hand puppets
  • Student audience having their hands on the puppets
  • The White Bone Fiend pointing at Master Tang
  • Sun Wu Kong fighting with The White Bone Fiend
  • The White Bone Fiend and Monkey King
  • The White Bone Fiend in fighting scene
  • The White Bone Fiend disguised as young lady meeting Master Tang
  • The Monkey King leaping in the air in fight with The white Bone Fiend
  • Old lady puppet looking at the young lady puppet
  • Hand puppets interacting on stage with Tang San Zang, Monkey King and Piggy
  • Two hand puppets with Monkey King hiding one corner
  • The White Bone Fiend with old lady and young girl puppets

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