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The Wolf of Mr Dong Guo

2023-11-03T10:42:08+08:00Community Tours, School Shows|

Mr. Dong Guo is the latest adaptation of a Chinese classic by Paper Monkey Theatre, which strives to make children realise the limitations and consequences of being too nice in doing good. Students learn how to navigate around the perimeters of being kind in various situations – some intended actions may do more harm than good.

Tree Neighbours

2023-11-02T16:30:34+08:00Community Tours, School Shows|

Tree Neighbours communicates the importance of understanding and setting aside each individual’s differences and to appreciate their strengths, and to live harmoniously as a diverse community.Tree Neighbours is a visual and sensory experience designed with catchy and infectious songs that the young and old will enjoy. Suitable for Total Defence Day & National Day.

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