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Little Miss Boleh – A theatrical treat with puppets!

2022-06-29T13:19:03+08:00Past Works|

Little Miss Boleh lives with her parents in a city filled with skyscrapers. One day, when Little Miss Boleh was alone at home, a Little Cow barged into her home! Realising that the Little Cow was lost, Little Miss Boleh made a decision to bring it back to the farm. On the way, they faced many obstacles. Will Little Miss Boleh succeed in helping Little Cow find its way home?



2022年,月眠艺术中心开放日。猴纸剧坊工作室欢迎你来到我们的偶世界。 近距离接触演出中的偶角色、免费制作纸偶,还有售卖布袋偶噢!到时见囖!

Paper Monkey Open Studio!

2022-07-12T10:59:58+08:00Past Works|

Paper Monkey Theatre welcomes you to the world of puppetry with our open studio during Goodman Open House 2022! Get up close and personal with the puppets used in our shows and make your own paper puppet for free! Hand puppets will also be on sale at a very attractive price! See you there!

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