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Past School Show : Dragon Dance

2022-05-09T08:02:24+08:00Past Works, School Shows|

Dragon Dance is a lively retelling of the folktale behind the origin of Chinese dragon dance. Presented with puppetry, drama, dance and music Dragon Dance is a highly interactive play where the children will have a chance to be a part of the play and be mesmerised by the specially hand-crafted puppets by Paper Monkey. Dragon Dance promises to enthrall the young and old as they learn more about the Chinese culture and legends.

Past School Show : My Ah Gong

2022-05-09T08:02:54+08:00Past Works, School Shows|

My Ah Gong is a poignant theatrical piece that focuses on lives of people during war and the sufferings it brings. The realistic acting and solemn messages evoke strong feelings in students and motivate them to reflect on the peace and prosperity Singapore is enjoying, something that should not be taken for granted.

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