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不会游泳的小鸭 (2021)


这个假期,猴纸剧坊为您呈献一部精心设计的线上演出《不会游泳的小鸭》。 这部寓言纸偶演出,创作概念自3D立体书,融入了色彩丰富的舞美和动听曲目,新剧《不会游泳的小鸭》你买票了吗?

Duckie Can’t Swim (2021)

2022-06-29T16:57:08+08:00Past Works|

This holiday season, Paper Monkey Theatre is excited to present 'Duckie Can't Swim', a digital performance based on a fable! Inspired by the concept of pop-up story books, join us and be dazzled by the colourful and vibrant lights, and find yourself humming to its melodic music in this paper theatre performance.




Little Miss Boleh – A theatrical treat with puppets!

2022-06-29T13:19:03+08:00Past Works|

Little Miss Boleh lives with her parents in a city filled with skyscrapers. One day, when Little Miss Boleh was alone at home, a Little Cow barged into her home! Realising that the Little Cow was lost, Little Miss Boleh made a decision to bring it back to the farm. On the way, they faced many obstacles. Will Little Miss Boleh succeed in helping Little Cow find its way home?

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